Corporate Branding Portrait Project From concept design to execution – Finders Seekers

My best friends Sofia, Saku and Petra founded their start up Finders Seekers few weeks ago and I had the opportunity to create brand images for their Linkedin and website.


We met over tea in my photo studio and first talked about the vision of the company. Their vision is to “make recruitment cool, strategical and at the core of the business”.  They are a bunch of game changers and would like to have a professional but fun image of the brand.


Quickly I helped to create the concept that they wanted to have contrast in the photos, color contrast as well as the setting contrast.

1. Linkedin Headshot

Some really nice casual smile, but a bit special poses to show the edgy personalities. Black & White with the pop of the color.

2. Web site Team Photos

Fun photos with bright colors and toys.

3. Cover Photos

Use the popular ”dirty frame” trend in portrait photography that we will take a canvas backdrop to different locations. In a business location, they will have fun to show the energetic nature, in a fun location, they will look professional and ready to change the world.


At the same time, the photos will be made according to their website color pallet so everything looks good together.

The Finders seekers gave me few location requests after few days.  They decided to have the fun look in front of the business area of Keilaniemi, the business look in front of Linnanmäki and the visionary look in front of the white church.  And we decided together that on the day of the shoot we will see about the location with all the gears at hand.

I also instructed the team to wear something according to their color pallet, as the dark and light blue in the base color and yellow as the pop up color.

The Execution

We had around 10 days to gather all the props for the shoot. During the shooting day, we did the head shots in the studio in the morning. I instructed each pose and guided the facial expressions.  A quote from Saku: I was never instructed so well in a photo shoot before.

The below images are the ones they selected for the Linkedin. I aligned the color to be exactly same to their color pallet.











Few more images that they will be able to use for future that I really loved. These are in the versions without the special pop color effect.











The fun team photos were done with hair blowing in the air, lollipops and bubble guns.











In the afternoon, we packed the studio and went out around the city for the ”dirty frame” on location shots.  It was a sunny and windy day, so not the most optimal to have backdrop stands and V-flats flapping around. But we managed with the Finnish SISU.   The end result was amazing after I removed the reflectors in Photoshop in post production. Special thanks to Saku’s dad who held the reflectors together and my assistant Polly who filmed the entire process.

Watch the video before moving to the final images!

Founders__Seekers_BTS 1080p from Dragon Flower Photo Studio on Vimeo.






What I personal enjoyed the most was the whole process of understanding their business and creating a special concept only for them. I felt like a small marketing agency myself. And it was extremely fun to work with such a company that wants to stand out from the crowd with both their business ideas and professional brands. So there was actually room for creativity in the shoot.

I am looking forward to have more corporate or personal branding projects as I can use my business knowledge from the ”previous life” as an executive event planner and leadership development trainer. At the same time, all best luck for Finders Seekers! Watch out for these three!

For inquiry of the personal or corporate branding concept creation and photoshoot, please contact:

Shanshan Gong