1I’m ready to book my photo shoot. What’s next?
Simply use the Build Your Dream Shoot Section and we’ll respond generally within 2 business days regarding info and available dates.
2I have tummy rolls/cellulite/acne/eye bags etc., can you fix that?
While we’re not big believers in editing you past the point of recognition, between editing, great posing, light and amazing stylists, we’ll take care of you.
3How far advance do I need to book?
Depends on the time year, but we generally book anywhere between 1-3 months out if you would like to have your session in the evenings or during weekend.
4Do you ever shoot on location?
Yes. Depending on your shoot, we’ll determine if there will be an added fee to either add a location to your session or just shoot at that location period.
5I would like to use my own stylist for my session. Can I bring them to the studio or get styled beforehand?
Due to past experience with stylists who may be a great choice for everyday styling or special events, we’ve found not every stylist has the knowledge/skill to style for a photo shoot. Because of that, we no longer work with stylists who haven’t be pre-approved to work with us.
6Do you photograph children, families and pets?
New Born are not our specialty. But we love to include newborn and children in the mother-kids shoot, family shoot and generation shoots. We welcome reasonable sized pets to come to our studio to join you for a portrait session. E.g. If you have horses, we can shoot outdoor. Please let us know before hand!
7Do you shoot weddings?
We will do engagement shoots and official wedding photos for the couple before the reception party, pricing falls under what we charge for a normal Portrait Session. However we will be happy to set up a luxury portrait stand for all your wedding guests at the wedding reception. We can take 1-3 photo per guest group, and they purchase the photos they love according to our a la carte price list after the reception. So the essence is that we are portrait studio instead of event photographer.
8How long does a shoot take?
It varies because of many factors (styling, possible locations), but generally anywhere between 3-4 hours.
9What if I don’t like my images?
If for some reason you don’t like any of the images from your session, you’re not obligated to purchase anything. Unlike most studios, we don’t make you commit to a package before you’ve seen the images.
10I’m still on the fence on whether or not I’d like to book. Can I just stop into the studio sometime?
While most done at the studio is by appointments only, we’re more than happy to set up a time to either chat with you on the phone or for you to come into the studio. There is no obligation to book a shoot if you choose to do this. Simply drop us an email if you are interested in setting that up. But do follow us on Facebook or Instagram because we organise walk in consultation days once in a while!
11How can I best preserve my printed portrait?
Even though we are using best quality ink and paper, the art work will still fade in color if not preserved well. If possible, hang the portrait not directly under the sun, and keep the humidity level constant in the room. Having the portraits preserved in our folio boxes are also very good options.